Online Estate Agents vs. High Street

Online Estate Agents vs. High Street

Which get you the higher price?

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*  A surprising truth about high street estate agency fees
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A new study from the independent house selling advice group, TheAdvisory, has established that good high street agents achieve 5% higher sale prices than internet-based firms in a massive 73% of cases. Additionally, High Street agents generate 48% more viewings and 64% more offers than their online competitors.

Put into perspective, on a £250,000 sale, that translates to a loss of £12,500, if an online-only firm has been used. This is a significant sum of money that warrants consideration when choosing which agent to sell your home.

It also established that the average percentage charged is just 1.18%, which in monetary terms is £2690.40. We can all do the maths and see who the cheapest agent is to sell your home with!

Choosing the right agent from the start can mean significant savings, less risk of a sale falling through, and less time and money wasted on other agents who may not deliver for you. Choose Martin & Co and get moving with the most money possible in your pocket.

Source: Online estate agents vs High street (study), TheAdvisory