Leeds! The UK's best

Leeds! The UK's best

So the truth is out, not much of a shock to us Leodensians, but what attracts people to Leeds? We looked left and right across the M62 to ask people what drew them to Leeds.

Pete and Jo are business owners from Hull, City of Culture 2017-

"Our decision to take the plunge and buy a weekend flat in Leeds came several years ago when we stayed at 33 The Calls on a last minute weekend break.

As we looked across a flooded river Aire to Dock Street we realised what a compact and up and coming city this was,  Leeds Dock to the left and the city to the right and all it had to offer.

At that time The Alea Casino offered people watching and a small flutter; and the James Martin restaurant was wonderful but sadly no more.  However, this vibrant city proved to be much better than we thought with new bars and restaurants opening by the week and a constant array of things to see and do.  Our current favourite places to eat being The Man Behind The Curtain, if you don't mind months of waiting, and the secret Maven Bar for their lush cocktails. 

The bucket list seems to grow ever longer.  The lure of Greek Street and Call Lane always leads to supper at one of Leeds famous night eateries such as Caravanseri or even the Mill Hill establishments on the way home.

For real ale fanatics and street food enthusiasts Leeds is a mecca.  The likes of Zaap and Brewdog are fantastic places to visit along with the delights of Merrion Street.

Such is our love of Leeds that after our initial purchase of a weekend flat we now have two buy to lets looked after by Martin & Co.  This gives us an excuse to spend more time in the city and to enjoy its fantastic nightlife even more.

For life long residents of Hull, Leeds has now become our second home.  Many people have holiday homes in the med, Portugal etc, but give us Leeds anytime!â€

George (www.georgedavidleigh.com), originally from Manchester, City of Lad Culture -..

"Being a freelance theatre designer means that my home is also my office a lot of the time, so it's crucial that it is a nice environment to spend all day in when I'm working from home. Being located in Leeds Dock is perfect for this, it's becoming a prominent creative hub of Leeds and it has an extremely laid back atmosphere, whilst also being a 10 minute walk into the centre.

"The flat itself is flooded with natural light and having a spare room provides the perfect studio space for me to work from, meaning the whole flat doesn't have to become a working environment so there is still a sense of separation between my work and personal life.

"When I spoke initially to Martin & Co about my property needs they absolutely nailed it. The area becomes particularly vibrant in the summer, with multiple street markets and events happening around the dock, giving the area a continental feeling and a sense of community, which is something that not everywhere boasts nowadays. When I'm not working from home I tend to be in various places around the country and Leeds is an extremely well connected city, especially when it only takes 10 minutes to get to the train station - I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!"