Are investors missing a trick?

Are investors missing a trick?

Whilst most major cities in Europe have had to halt even the smallest commercial builds, Leeds has seen great investment with the arrival early this year of the £60m Leeds

First Direct Arena and the £350m Trinity Shopping Centre, not to mention Law firm Shulman’s and KPMG’s new office builds at Wellington Street and Sovereign Street respectfully, which should be completed within the next 12 months. It has been announced that the £130m John Lewis development on Eastgate has been given the green light with work being completed in 2016.


Such faith in Leeds as a hotbed of economic growth by some of the World’s leading companies and economic egg heads has not however manifested itself to the residential sector. Green shoots are emerging with Marshall CDP looking to start on 77 apartments at Calls Wharf in the spring, which hopefully will be completed by 2017 but these are tentative shoots and with demand for rentals reaching near saturation point, why are developers and landlords not throwing their weight and their wallets at Leeds City Centre?

Such has the increase in demand for rentals within the city, we have had to move to new offices to keep ahead of the game. Leeds city centre is a great place to invest and any such, any investment should be applauded, we salute not just the innovative developers such as Rushbond, Town Centre Securities but the smaller investor as well.


2014 is going to be an incredible year, we are already inundated with applicants looking for high end good quality apartments. Talk to your agent now, don’t be reactive to the market be active and lets all ensure that 2014 is one amazing year.