Landlords, Insurance is not a dirty word

Landlords, Insurance is not a dirty word

Summer is a great time of year, but have you considered some of the possible perils summer brings?

 If a window cleaner, gardener, tenant or their child injures themselves on your property, do you have Public Liability Insurance cover if they sue you?

Do you have expensive garden furniture and BBQ’s in your garden?

 Do you have emergency assistance cover if a disaster at your property was to happen this summer? 

 Evictions can be expensive and long-winded. The average cost of taking a tenant to court is £800 plus the loss of five months’ rent – and the whole process lasts about six months because court proceedings for these matters are notoriously inefficient.  It is a sad sign of the times but eviction numbers are up. 

 As a conscientious landlord you must prepare for these possible eventualities. Putting something right after a disaster is often much more costly and difficult than being prepared. We are able to offer you specialist landlord’s insurance tailored specifically for rental properties, Make sure you can harvest your investment call us today for further information. 

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