Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from landlord's...

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from landlord's...

Are you a landlord?

Q: Why use a letting agent?

A: There are a number of reasons, these include:

  • Legislation  -      you can be secure in the knowledge that the correct and most up to date      tenancy agreement is being used. A security deposit is held in accordance      with the latest legislation.
  • Income - an agent can      ensure you secure the right rental price for your property.
  • Marketing - the      property can be marketed extensively (using different promotional methods)      especially with a national network like Martin & Co.
  • Peace of mind - most      tenants these days feel more secure when dealing with an agent. 

 Q: How will I be able to ensure I get a quality tenant for my property?

A: A good agent will fully reference the applicant. This will include a credit reference whereby salary details with past and present employers are checked, previous landlords or agents are also contacted to check that historically they have been a good tenant (as this is often the best indicator of how a tenant will be in the future.)

Q:Do we have a say as to who we have as a tenant?

A: Yes, a good agent will always to try to meet your requirements. Potential landlords are asked for their preferences – e.g.  whether or not they will be happy with pets, smokers, sharers and/or students. We endeavour to match as closely possible the tenant to the specified landlord requirements. 

Q: What are my legal obligations?

A: One of the most important obligations relates maintenance and of course the safety of the gas supply and appliances at your property. If there are gas appliances at the property, it is a legal requirement to have an annual gas safety check (and this should be renewed on an annual basis). A current certificate must be provided before a tenant moves in.

Q: Will the agent ensure that a deposit is taken for dilapidations and damages?

A:Check that the agent is registered with one of the Tenancy Deposit Schemes.The schemes allow tenants to get all or part of their deposit back when they are entitled to it and encourage tenants and landlords to make a clear agreement from the start on the condition of the property.

 Q: I have the property already insured. Is this sufficient?

A: Probably not. Landlords need to check with their insurance provider, who should be made aware that the property is to be let.  The landlord should ensure that he has cover for property owner’s liability, in case the tenant sues for negligence over an accident in the property.

 Q: If the property is being left unfurnished, I don’t need contents insurance cover, do I?

A: Yes you do. Your property will almost certainly have flooring, window furnishings, light fittings, kitchen and central heating appliances.  Any or all of these could be damaged by fire or flood or some other event. Check with your insurance company who will be able to provide you with appropriate information.

Q: How long can I let my property for?

A: A minimum initial tenancy period is usually for 6 months, although it is possible to create a longer fixed term. An agent will discuss the individual circumstances with the landlord and advise them of their options. As an agent we will be happy to negotiate tenancy terms that suit both the landlord and the tenant.

Q: Can I visit and enter my property any time I want?
A: No. Under the terms of the Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement you have to allow tenants the privacy in their own home - known as quiet enjoyment. Your Agent will conduct regular inspections on your behalf during the tenancy term and therefore will be acting as your eyes and ears?