Frequently asked question's from tenants

Frequently asked question's from tenants

Questions & Answers from Martin & Co

Are you a tenant? 

Q:  I have been told that I need to pay an application fee when applying to take a property. What is this?

A: It is a fee taken from the applicant to ensure the property is reserved for them subject to contracts being accepted. This fee usually includes the cost(s) of referencing each adult who will be moving into the property, together with the administration cost(s) involved in preparing for the tenancy commencement.

Q: How much money will I need to pay in order to move into the  property?

A: Once references are agreed, you need to have one month’s rent in advance plus a security deposit which is the equivalent of one month’s rent plus a nominal sum of approximately £200. The full security deposit paid is refundable at the end of the tenancy subject to the criteria stated in the tenancy agreement being adhered to.

An inventory ‘check out’ payment of approximately £60 is also required On the day that you sign the tenancy agreements (i.e. in advance).

Q: What is an inventory and check out?

A: An inventory is a written document which is compiled in readiness for the commencement of your tenancy. It not only lists the Landlord’s items at the property, but also the fixtures and fittings at the property together with condition at this point of time. Often photos are used to assist in the accuracy of the information. In addition, either the Inventory Clerk or the Agent will meet you at the property on the day that you move in to review the document and note any discrepancies.

A check out will be carried out at the end of your tenancy and this document will note any changes to the original inventory, which may include damages and cleaning.

Q: What is the security deposit for?

A: The security deposit is held in the event of any dilapidation or damages occurring during the tenancy that are not the responsibility of the landlord.

Q: If I move into a flat, am I expected to pay service charges that relate to the upkeep of the communal areas?

A: No -that’s the landlord’s responsibility.

Q: How long does it take before I can move into my new home?

A: If referencing goes well it can take as little as 3 days, but sometimes up to a month. It will also depend on when the property will be available for you to occupy.

Q: What other costs will I have besides the rent?

A: These will vary but are most likely to include gas, electricity, telephone, water rates, council tax and contents insurance to cover your own possessions.

Q: Will I be able to decorate or hang pictures?

A: At Martin & Co our tenancy agreements states that you should not make any changes or alterations to the landlord’s property without their consent. Therefore we would ask you to put your request for any alterations, to include hanging pictures or mirrors, in writing so that permission from the landlord can be sought.

You will be required leave the property in the condition you found it.

Q: Can I stay longer than the agreed term of my tenancy?

A: Once the initial fixed term is coming to an end, it may be possible to continue the agreement for a further period of time by mutual agreement with the landlord concerned.

Q: What do I do if there is a water leak or the heating fails?

A: If your property is managed by Martin & Co, you should contact us to report these faults as they require attention. Some landlords choose to manage their properties and you will have been notified of this at the commencement of your tenancy. Therefore in this instance, your landlord will address the faults.