Legionanaire's Disease: Your legal obligations as landlord and letting agent.

Legionanaire's Disease: Your legal obligations as landlord and letting agent.

Legionnaires Disease: Your legal obligations as landlord and letting agent.

Recent changes in Legislation now require all Residential Letting/Managing Agents and Landlords to carry out compliant ‘Risk Assessments’ on every property under their control by Law.


The change in the law removed the 300 litre limit for hot and cold water services, and brought every landlord of private rented property under the legislation. Landlords and their agents must now undertake a risk assessment and preventative action to prevent their tenants, tradesmen and employees from contracting the disease.

Legionella bacteria exist in all water and in many cases at an acceptable level. However, it doesn’t take long to get out of control and reach dangerous levels under the right conditions. To date it is proven that in excess of 6% of all domestic water systems tested and analysed in the private rented sector had dangerous levels of colonisation, which naturally is a cause for concern.


Don’t let non compliance ruin your business


All ‘Duty Holders’, both Landlords and yourselves, as Letting and Managing Agents, collectively have a legal duty to carry out Legionella Risk Assessments to ensure the safety of Tenants from contaminated water systems in all properties that are rented.


For those Landlords who have recently received their insurance renewal, it is worth checking to see if Legionella is covered as most insurance companies have re-written their policies and are now insisting on a compliant risk assessment having been carried out to ensure cover.

The Risk Assessment itself must be carried out by an appropriately qualified “competent” person with the requisite specialist skills and knowledge. Components of the system, temperature settings, deadlegs and other information are recorded and any control and preventative measures will need to be undertaken.


For more information please visit: http://www.hse.gov.uk/legionnaires/  or  www.aquabgroup.com

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