Condensation or Damp?

Condensation or Damp?

This is the time of year we receive calls from tenants reporting problems with damp and mould.  Further investigation determines the damp problem is in fact condensation, this diagnosis is usually hotly disputed by the tenant. However, a recent surveyor’s report noted the following –

 Moisture from breathing (asleep)                  0.3 litre

                        Breathing (awake)              0.85 litre

                        Washing/drying clothes        5.5 litres

                        Personal washing                1.0 litre

                        Cooking                             3 litres

Totalling an incredible 10.65 litres of moisture in the air encouraging mould.

Whilst we appreciate the problems of adequately venting a property throughout a Scottish winter, mould is detrimental not only to the fabric of the property but can also cause allergies, etc. to the occupants.  We are happy to advise landlords and tenants on best practice to avoid mould and future mould colonisation caused by condensation.