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Martin & Co has thousands of available properties to let and for sale throughout England, Scotland and Wales, so we’re sure we can find the right property for you at the right price.

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We are committed to ensuring our landlord fees are straight forward and transparent so that there are no unexpected surprises, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Welcome to Martin & Co Keighley - prominent in your local property market since 2003

We're proud of our reputation for delivering an exceptional award winning service to Landlords and Investors alike in BD20, BD21.BD22 and surrounding areas.

Director of Martin & Co Keighley Angela Newark has a background in residential property and buy to let investment and, along with her senior management team, are available to offer advice on all aspects of the residential property market.

If you're looking to rent out or invest in a property within Keighley or nearby areas of East Morton, Haworth, Oakworth, Oxenhope, Riddlesden, Silsden and Steeton a dedicated account manager at Martin & Co Keighley will guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

We are able to offer all our customers access to Financial and Conveyancing services/advice.

Whether you are a Landlord looking for a fully managed service, an investor seeking local area advice or a multi property landlord looking to access one of our services, the dedicated lettings team at Martin & Co Keighley are on hand to support you with everything you need.

We are also able to offer access to a nil deposit scheme (subject to terms and conditions) as an option to a conventional deposit payment.

Martin & Co Keighley are now using the latest technology to make renting your property even easier and more convenient for you.

- 360° virtual tours minimise disruption to your schedule by allowing potential tenants an opportunity to virtually ‘walk’ around your property at any time, day or night.

- Potential tenants can interact with your property as though they were there in person.

- When we do bring a prospective tenant to your property rest assured that they are genuinely interested in seeing it in person having already conducted a 360° virtual viewing with us.

At Martin & Co Keighley we carry out regular inspections on every managed property letting, ensuring your house or apartment is being properly cared for by your tenant. Detailed inspections are then carried out when a tenancy agreement ends and our staff even handle the release of the tenancy deposit, where applicable, taking the hassle away from you.

As a Landlord with Martin & Co any maintenance matters arising to your property can be reported and updates on status provided using our online My Property File programme.

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