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Should Shelter be probed by Charity Commission?

Should Shelter be probed by Charity Commission?

Lettings agents across the UK, including Martin & Co, are calling for Shelter’s charitable status to be withdrawn, and further for the organization to be reported to the Charity Commission.


Shelter are bidding for letting agent fee’s to tenants to be banned by law and has wide spread support from letting agents, including Martin & Co Managing Director, Ian Wilson.


Shelter was a beneficiary of last year’s Estate Agent Foundation and the ‘Zoopla Property Cycle Ride, however new posters suggest that Shelter is not a charity, but is actually a political lobbying organization. The claims could breach the Charity Commissions regulations. One such poster described Shelter as a ‘government funded scandal.’


William Taylor, Director at Martin & Co Huddersfield (Huddersfield Letting Agent / Huddersfield Property Management) gave “genuine agents do not charge extortionate fees and provide a valuable service to both tenants and landlords alike, the claims from Shelter tar everyone with the same brush, which is not fair. I personally know there is much needed regulatory legislation to wean out the bad agents, but punishing the good is not the way forward.”