Lettings Fraudster Found

Lettings Fraudster Found

The owner of a Whitegates franchise who had been at the centre of a storm surrounding missing tenants deposits in relation to a London based agency has surfaced and vowed to repay his debts.


Daniel Burton ran his agency, Unida Place, in Charlotte Street, London. The business, which has attracted complaints and scathing reviews on allAgents, has apparently shut.

However, Burton has now posted a message on both the Unida Place website and a discussion forum:

“Hi all, I am making this statement, against legal advice, as I fully intend to stand up and be counted for what has happened.

“I can’t comment further due to legal reasons, so I won’t be adding to this discussion.

“Firstly, I have not disappeared, ran off into the sunset with millions of pounds despite some sensationalistic journalism. I am currently working 80-90 hours per week in order to pay back every penny to my creditors.

“Unfortunately, I have made some bad business decisions during the growth of my company. I was young, naive, and took my eyes of the ball. I trusted staff when I shouldn’t have and was slow to react to certain situations. I overtraded and was guilty of burying my head in the sand for which I apologise and I am trying my very best to make amends.

“I am holding my hands up and taking full responsibility for mine and my staff’s actions. Over the next 10-14 days I will be contacting every single person I owe money too and explaining what I intend to do. I can’t say exactly when I will be able to pay everyone back but I have already paid over £30,000 back and I personally guarantee everyone will be paid back.

“I am working all the hours I possibly can to do this and for all you people that think I’m living in the lap of luxury I’m driving a 53-plate Transit van, I have sold all my assets and I’m taking minimum wage so I can pay back as much as I can, as quickly as possible. I’m not asking for praise or compliments but just letting you all know what my intentions are and that they are honourable.

“I wholeheartedly apologise for mine and my staff’s actions and please believe me when I say I am trying my best to put right the wrongs.

“I also apologise for bringing negativity on the landlord community, I only hope I can make things right as quick as possible. Dan.”


Xperience Network, part of L & G that Whitegates work under said “I can confirm that Daniel Burton has been in regular contact with the Whitegates management team and is co-operating with us.”


William Taylor, Director of Martin & Co Huddersfield (Property Management Huddersfield, Letting Agent Huddersfield & Estate Agent Huddersfield) added “the industry is sick of seeing stories like this which tarnish the reputation of legitimate hard working agencies. I am disappointed that Whitegates were not aware of the previous activities of Mr Burton’s actions, but am sure they will make an appropriate decision regarding their working relationship. Regulation is needed post haste.”