Affordable family homes in the right area?

Affordable family homes in the right area?

Many are in the mind that to live in a desirable location that's family-friendly, there's an appropriate rise in prices. In fact, research by The Telegraph demonstrated that parts of the country with a high number of children in households pay at least 38% more.

However, this is not the case all the time.

Thanks to a rise in supply of family homes, many properties in family-friendly locales cost much lower.

Though house prices are rising in many parts of the country, there are still desirable areas to live where you get value for money, as long as you look past the usual commuting towns.

For instance, in Rushcliffe in East Midlands, which is commuting distance to Nottingham, a three-bedroom home can cost just £175,386, compared to similar family friendly areas where a similar home can cost you £256,066.

Other areas in the East Midlands that provide value for money are: South Northamptonshire, where a three-bedroom home costs just £238,198. Rutland, where a similar home will set you back £221,057. These locations are but an hour's train ride from London.

To compare, in St Albans, a three-bedroom home costs £443,914, while in the Three Rivers area, the same house will cost you £410,902.

Of course a nice three-bedroom home in London would be stratospherically high, where you will be looking to pay at least £2m. And this rise in prices has caused nearby areas to rise in value as well.

But if you look a little bit further, you still can find good value in family-friendly pockets if you know where and how to look. All it takes is a little patience and a little research.

Alex Barron, Director at Martin & Co Huddersfield (Huddersfield Letting Agent, Huddersfield Estate Agent and Huddersfield Property Management) said “This is also true in Huddersfield and the areas most desired have high prices, but looking on borderline areas can find you a good deal.”