Labour writing to agents telling them to stop charging tenants fees – now!

Labour writing to agents telling them to stop charging tenants fees – now!

So the charging of letting fees is back on the agenda. Having not succeeded with their lobbying of the current government, the charity Shelter has clearly scored a goal by persuading the Labour party to include this as part of their manifesto for the election. Oh dear.

I’m not a fan of the Labour party – let’s get this clear. They were comical and indecisive with housing issues when they were in government and didn’t treat the industry seriously. Changing the minister every five minutes proved that. The Home Information Pack fiasco was another one of their ideas that attempted “to reform”, and we all know how well that went. Their indecision and incompetence was ultimately a waste of time for everyone, especially for the buyers who spent money on the packs, and the surveyors who spent money on training because the next government scrapped it.

Now they want me stop charging tenant fees? Before they are elected! …a ha ha ha ha ha….they want me to voluntarily lose 18% of my business revenue because of their say so?

Will they take a pay drop themselves? No. They’ve just voted themselves a nice pay rise haven’t they? One rule for them….

Labour is dangerous, incompetent and should leave the industry well alone. They haven’t even mentioned potentially licensing Letting agents that will actually weed out the rogues. Comical.