I can't sleep because my neighbour keeps playing the Trombone!

I can't sleep because my neighbour keeps playing the Trombone!

At Martin & Co in Hinckley and Nuneaton, we are paid to look after many properties on behalf of Landlords. Recently we received a call from a neighbour of one such property, and he complained that the tenant was playing the trombone at all times of the night and he was struggling to sleep due to the noise. As with a lot of these complaints, why he called us when he could have just knocked on his neighbour’s door is always a mystery to us, but we agreed to investigate because we were due for a visit that weekend anyway. So on the Saturday afternoon I found myself being shown around this house, looking for an instrument as I did so, desperately finding a way to include “trombone” in the conversation. The house was immaculate with no sign of any musical instrument anywhere, so I asked him;

“Are you musical at all?”

He looked at me in that sort of taken aback kind of way and replied “no?”

“Do you play the Trombone? Because we’ve had reports that you do....”

He smiled, said “Follow me...” and took me to the bathroom where upon he flushed the toilet and this loud noise sounding like a trombone promptly shook the whole room.

“I’m diabetic” he said “and I’m up at least three times a night going to bathroom...”

Needless to say a quick call to a plumber soon sorted out the problem.

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