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Helston - Estate & Letting Agents

We're proud to be serving West Cornwall, offering a wide range of properties for sale not only in Helston but also The Lizard, Hayle, Camborne and the surrounding villages.

Our Lettings team have combined experience working in Lettings around the Helston area, customer service and property management. The team live locally and enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect tenant for each landlord and the ideal home for searching tenants. Our main areas of business are residential sales, lettings and property management. The office is located at the top of Meneage Street in Helston. At Martin & Co Helston we pride ourselves on our high level of customer service and being a family run business.

If you have a property to let or would like us to manage a property on your behalf, please do get in touch with the office. Our lettings team are on hand to support you with your property needs.

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