How to choose your letting agent

How to choose your letting agent

Letting agents can be a blessing or a nightmare, so be careful when you choose yours.  Our recommendations


1. Check their charges.  Some may offer a very attractive management fee, but an overpriced 'initial' or 'setup' fee.

2. Check their tenant screening procedure.  Will they complete a full referencing check?  Will the pass on a copy of this check to you before the tenancy goes ahead so that you can make a final decision?

3. Check the training of their staff members.  Are they up to date with the latest accreditation?

4. Check they have an experienced property management team.   An experienced team will be able to save you time and money (this is why you want to use a letting agent).  


5. Check their accounts procedures.  

  • Do they collect the rent by Standing Order?     You should get your money within 48 hours of they receiving the rent.
  • Will they provide a regular, clear and detailed statement?

6. Check their property inspection practice. How regularly do they conduct their property inspections?  Will you get a detailed written report with pictures after the inspection is completed?  Inspections should be done quarterly and full comprehensive written reports sent to the landlord.

7. Check their legal expertise.  Do they have an experienced legal team to consult when thing don't go according to plan?

8. Check their compliance policy.  Do they subscribe to the Property Lettings Ombudsman? What Tenancy Deposit Scheme do they use for the tenants deposits?

An agent will become your representative, so they should be more than happy to answer all these question in detail.  If you do not get straight answers, move on and look for an alternative option.

Have a successful letting!