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It is well known in the industry that Tenancy Deposit Protection Schemes inScotlandare close to inception, the provision for this is already in current legislation. When this happens it will make it even easier for a tenant to dispute the withholding of their deposit, no matter how legitimate their claim. Many tenants are well aware that the inventory is the Landlords main defence in this situation and without an unbiased and comprehensive inventory being carried out a claim will favour the tenant, sometimes wrongfully.


If you currently arrange your own inventory it may be worth considering the following;


  • * It could be seen as being biased when subject to the dispute resolution process
  • * Does it contain adequate detail on the condition of the property, its contents, fixtures and fittings?
  • * It should be secure and protected from illegitimate changes post generation.
  • * Is it quality assured, monitored and covered by Public Indemnity insurance?


Any dispute can cost the Landlord considerably due to the time spent dealing with it and the associated legal costs should it be referred to court.


So, what can we offer you, I hear you say?


Martin & Co,West End office use an Independent Inventory Clerk to visit your property and produce your very own specific Inventory report based personally on your property. Your Inventory will offer you the highest level of protection available in a dispute as they are complied independently, unbiased and are fully indemnified. It can also be relied upon by all concerned parties, Landlord, Tenant and Agent. All of our Licensed Clerks are also covered by Public Liability and Public Indemnity insurance.