Folkestone Rental Market Analysis

Folkestone Rental Market Analysis

I was talking to one of our newer investment landlords the other day in the Folkestone branch about the various factors that affect return on investment. During that conversation it occured to me that as one of the larger agents in town we possessed some very valuable information

 - The volume of applicants looking for property at any given time

 - The types of properties (and number of bedrooms) and

 - The areas they want to live in.

As supply and demand affect price, and certainly void periods, this information would be a powerful tool when you're looking for your next investment property.  

I decided to put this information together in a report for all landlords who are interested in the Folkestone Rental Market.  There's a section showing the various property types and their supply and demand statistics, a map of Folkestone with the high and low demand areas and, just for fun, some alternatives to magnolia, which really has been "done to death"

Click on the below link and download the report today:

The Folkestone Rental Market & Property Demand Analysis Report is available for download on our website.