Martin & Co publish regional Marketing Intelligence reports

Martin & Co publish regional Marketing Intelligence reports

Martin & Co publish regional Marketing Intelligence reports

Report confirms the net total return that can be made from a buy-to-let investment in London can reach 13.2%

Martin & Co Crystal Palace have published their 2015 Marketing Intelligence Report for the London region, as part of their national campaign to compare property with other types of investment.

The report contains in-depth data and analysis of the local region in terms of buy-to-let and the private rental sector.

For example, a buy-to-let investment of £100,000 in London in 2005 would be worth £173,682 today. Investing today proves more difficult in London . the average sale price for a flat in London is £400,000, but gross yield is 4.3% and price growth is faster than in any other UK region.

The average increase in the cost of property in London over the last ten years was 73.7%, and the average rent increase across the Government Office Region since 2011 is 15.3% since 2011.

The average rent tenants are willing to pay in London is £1,500pcm.

It is figures like these that support Martin & Co's belief that buy-to-let is an increasingly viable method of investment, especially following April 2015's pension reforms.

The regional marketing reports come in response to a national report compiled by Martin & Co last year.

Interesting statistics and figures from our national marketing report include the fact that the return from a buy-to-let investment can reach as high as 13.2%. Furthermore, in six out of nine Martin & Co regions, the returns from net rental income exceeded annual income from taking an annuity.

The hope is that this regional report will give Martin & Co offices and customers a real insight into how their local property market is behaving.

These statistics are available as part of the national marketing report, and copies of the regional report can be requested by getting in contact with your local Martin & Co office, of which there are 24 in London.