Local Landlord Licensing

Local Landlord Licensing

It appears to have flown below the radar of many interested parties, but Croydon Council's plan to try and introduce licensing for all landlords with properties let in the borough is now at a consultative stage, which finishes on 1st November.

Essentially, all landlords will require a 5 year licence for each property let, at a cost of £1,000 per property.  The Council have proposed this on spurious grounds of tackling rogue landlords and dealing with anti-social behaviour by tenants. 

They already have plenty of powers at their disposal to deal with these issues and similar schemes elsewhere have apparently not been successful.  Cynics may view this as just another money-making scheme for the Council, one that may have negative consequences for the private rental sector in the Borough. 

We would urge all Landlords to make their feelings known regarding the scheme before the 1st November deadline.

Peter Brown,

Proprietor at Martin & Co Croydon & Purley.