Good Samaritan

Good Samaritan

Head of Sales at Martin & Co Croydon Steven Eustration is a great estate agent but has also proved to be a very good Samaritan.

When an elderly passer-by tripped over the kerb outside the office and was almost hit by a car he dropped everything and ran to her assistance.

Luckily only her pride was seriously hurt and Steven helped her into the office, providing her with a cup of strong tea to help calm her nerves whilst she waited for a friend take her home.

Steven's swift action was rewarded the next day when the grateful lady returned with a thank-you card and some chocolates.

Steven said "It was the least I could do, I'm just glad she wasn't injured.  Estate Agents are people too!"

To take advantage of Steven's 30 plus years experience of selling property he can be contacted on 0208 688 8565.