Croydon landlord licensing voted through

Croydon landlord licensing voted through
Ahead of the Government's plans to prevent blanket landlord licensing schemes by local authorities, Croydon rushed through a decision to impose such a scheme at a council meeting on the 16th March - which can be viewed online at

The licensing scheme will commence from 1st October 2015 and apply to all private landlords in the borough.  There is a charge of £750 per property for a 5 year licence, which will be discounted to £350 during an early registration period commencing 1st July, to encourage landlords to comply.  Landlords renting a property in the Borough without a licence could be liable for a fine of up to £20,000, whilst those breaching a condition of the licence could be fined up to £5,000. The scheme also provides the Council with additional powers including the right to inspect the property.

Applications will need to be made online through the “My Account†system on Croydon Council's web-site. Paper forms will not be used for this scheme according to the Council's project manager Jo Hawker

A number of local landlords have formed an action group with the intention of making a legal challenge to this decision, ahead of its implementation.  Martin & Co Croydon are able to put landlords interested in helping with funding in touch with the action group.

Further information will apparently be published on a dedicated webpage which is should be regularly updated or the contact details for the Council are as follows:

The Private Sector Housing Standards and Enforcement Team

Bernard Weatherill House

3rd Floor Zone D

8 Mint Walk



or e-mail

or phone 0208 760 5476

Jo Hawker (extension 62685).