Crewe Couple's Moving Experience

Crewe Couple's Moving Experience

A special treat awaited a Crewe couple when they came to sign for a new rented home with local agents Martin & Co just after Christmas. 

John Douglas, who works in security, and nursery nurse Laura Cookson, not only got the keys for their new house in Coppenhall, but also a fanfare and bottle of wine to celebrate the fact that they were the property firm’s 700th new tenancy of 2013! 

Martin & Co’s Jenny Williams explained:

“We were delighted to have let 700 South Cheshire properties in a single year, and we felt it was only right to commemorate the occasion by treating the tenants taking the 700th property. We were very busy over the Christmas period, and were well over 700 lets by New Year’s Eve, but this was a significant milestone and worth celebrating!” 

Putting the achievement into context, Director Shaun Cafferty said:

“All the available evidence suggests that of the Crewe and Nantwich properties rented through agents, 1 in 3 are now being rented through Martin & Co, and we are renting more than several of our nearest rivals put together. We won’t be resting on our laurels, but it’s good to see evidence that the team’s hard work and service ethic is being appreciated by our landlord and investor clients, and we will be recruiting more staff in 2014 to meet increased demand for our services”.