Big thanks to Nantwich show team!

Big thanks to Nantwich show team!
"When you are there, you realise the sheer magnitude and scale of the event, and the organisation that it must take to bring it all about - and so successfully. There are so many things that can go wrong, but few ever do. And we should remember that although the show attracts financial support, the event is the result of many hours unpaid work by volunteers in their spare time, often in the evenings, organising, making phone calls and sorting issues".

Shaun also emphasised the importance of the Show to Nantwich economically, and the fond regard in which it is held by the town.
"The Show puts Nantwich on the map, which is important for a small market town in a corner of Cheshire. Its shows what we can achieve, pulling together, and hopefully many people will be attracted to visiting the town again, to keep our shops and hospitality businesses thriving. 

Nantwich is also the hub of the local rural economy, and we must do all we can to help and support local agriculture, and food production as these are key industries for us.

But the Show is also a much loved and looked forward to event for many people locally. I am glad for them, and for the Show organisers, that the weather took a turn for the better. We are delighted to support this event which does so much good for South Cheshire, we see it as payback for all the support we ourselves get from the area."