Nows the Time to Prepare Your Property for Winter

Nows the Time to Prepare Your Property for Winter

With the end of this week set to turn cold and windy now would be a perfect time to prepare your property before the winter really arrives.


By giving special attention to essential areas it will greatly protect your investment.  Areas that suffer most in the cold, wet and windy weather tend to be roofs, lead flashing, windows, fencing and guttering. By arranging gutter clearance, roof inspections and fencing repairs to be attended to early on in the season, should minimise any damage as the weather worsens.


A common problem as the cold weather arrives is boiler breakdowns.  If you have had problems in the years before or have received advise that your boiler is nearing the end now is a good time to have new boilers fitted or have old boilers serviced/repaired before the call out costs mount.


Kerry Frost, Property Manager and Inspector at Martin & Co Crawley said “With the arrival of Winter pending we are seeing an increase in the number of calls from tenants regarding blocked gutters and damaged fences as well as boiler issues.  We would encourage landlord who may have any concerns to contact at us at the earliest opportunity in order for us to arrange any works needed”.


If you are aware of any outstanding issues that are likely to be resurrected by the cold weather or if you would like to discuss any works that may need attentions please contact our property management team and they would be happy to make arrangements for contractors to attend.