Keeping Your Property Safe

Keeping Your Property Safe

As the darker nights draw in, Martin & Co Crawley are advising tenants what they can do to keep their properties secure.


Under the new consumer protection regulations, agents are now obliged to disclose any information that could affect a transactional decision.  As a tenant, if you are concerned, you have the right to ask your agent if the property has any history of burglaries.


Freddie Hartwell, Property Manager at Martin & Co Crawley said, “Many responsibilities for the security of a property are divided between a landlord and tenant and it is important to highlight to tenants which elements they should look out for during the term of their tenancy”.


Below are a few tips in order to protect your personal belongings and your home.


-          Thieves still employ letterbox theft to obtain keys to either your car or home.  Keep valuable out of sight of windows, doors and letterboxes.

-          If you have concerns and wish to request additional security, make sure it has been agreed in writing.

-          Whilst the landlord is responsible for insuring the building, it is the tenants’ responsibility to insure their own possessions – and it’s advisable to remember that your possessions may be worth more than you think.

-          If the property has an alarm, familiarise yourself with how it works.  If the alarm relies on sensors, remember to check the batteries on a regular basis.

-          If you are going away remember to inform your landlord/agent.


If you are a landlord with an empty property or a tenant who has any concerns please do not hesitate to contact the office on 01293 735000.