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Importance of Inventories

Importance of Inventories

With tenancies now reaching a record average of 20 months it is inevitable there will be an increase in wear and tear which could lead to a deposit dispute at the end of the tenancy.


Long term tenancies are good news for landlords but the longer a tenant occupies a property the more likely it is that property will suffer from wear and tear.  Landlords could be tempted to claim re-decoration and repair costs from the tenants deposit but without accurate documentation would be unlikely to be awarded any claim.


Property Co-ordinator, Callum Maslen said “An independent inventory is an essential tool to protect both our landlords and tenants.  Wear and tear is normal for all property and having written documentation with supporting photos reduces the chances of a dispute arising once a tenant has vacated”.


Damage and fair wear and tear needs to be independently recorded in order to provide solid documentation for any claims made against the tenant.  The property management team at Martin & Co Crawley arrange for an independent inventory as well as an independent Check-in and Check-out for every managed tenancy.  The process protects tenants from unfair claims and protects the landlords who require the evidence to substantiate correct claims.  Fair wear & tear is not chargeable to the tenant but damages are chargeable.  Proving that it was the tenant who caused the damage is essential to win any disputed claim.