Changes to Anti-Social Behaviour Legislation

Changes to Anti-Social Behaviour Legislation

Making a difference to landlords, a new piece of legislation is set to be introduced to assist landlords who have previously had difficulties evicting tenants on the grounds of anti-social behaviour.


The Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Policing Bill 2013-2014 is approaching its final reading whereby landlords will be able to evict tenants on the grounds of anti-social behaviour, even if the offence hasn’t been committed near the property, and what’s more the courts will have to grant possession. 


David Nicholson, Director of Martin & Co Crawley said “It has been reported that last year saw over 2.3 million incidents of anti-social behaviour were recorded, whilst we are very lucky to not experience many cases of anti-social behaviour new legislation like this allows for us to have greater power to protect our landlords”.


If you are a landlord who is concerned about anti-social behaviour or any other aspect of letting please contact the office on 01293 735000 and one of our fully trained members of staff would be happy to assist. 


If you wish to read more on this new piece of legislation and what it could mean for you, please Click Here.