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Beware of Wasting Your Money

Beware of Wasting Your Money

As a landlord we understand keeping costs low is a high priority, but could you be wasting your money?


Whilst extended warranty on kitchen appliances or showers may seem like a good idea, landlords need to be cautious before signing up for the extended schemes.


It seems that some manufacturers do not cover their appliances under an extended warranty if the owner does not reside at the property, thereby excluding all rented properties.


Freddie Hartwell, Property Manager at Martin & Co Crawley said “we advise our landlords to check the Summary of Cover before taking out any extended warranty to ensure they will be covered in the case of a breakdown.  We discovered Mira Showers does not cover their products if the property is rented.  If our landlord had opted for the extended warranty the shower would not have been covered in the event of a breakdown”.