Angelas Top Tip: Number 5

Angelas Top Tip: Number 5

Listen to Feedback

At Martin & Co Crawley we aim to arrive a few minutes before a viewing to collect any post, open any curtains and make the property look presentable. 

We ask that landlords consider hanging curtains and lampshades even if the property is unfurnished to add some dressing. First impressions count, by ensuring gardens are kept neat and tidy and that the property is clean, tenants have a more positive feel about the property and you as a landlord. 

After every viewing we contact the prospective tenant to discuss feedback and record it on the property file.  By doing this it allows us to provide, where necessary, the landlord with constructive feedback.  

By listening to feedback, landlords are in the knowledge of what it is tenants are actively looking for at that moment in time.