Tenant Deposits

Tenant Deposits

Deposit Protection - Are you or your Agent complying?

At Martin & Co (Ashby & Coalville) all our deposits are registered with the Deposit Protection Service.  Call us today to ensure that you know how to comply with current legislation.


.The Government has introduced the schemes to protect tenancy deposits and provide a fairer system for settling disputes about the return of a deposit at the end of a tenancy. Before introduction of these schemes, if a landlord kept all or part of your deposit it could be difficult to get it back. With the new schemes, an independent service helps to resolve disputes about deposits at the end of a tenancy. This service is free for tenants.


From 6 April 2007, when you pay a tenancy deposit for an assured shorthold tenancy, the landlord or letting agent must protect your deposit through a Government-backed tenancy deposit scheme.