Changes to Council Tax for Empty Properties

Changes to Council Tax for Empty Properties

Chelmsford Council changes its policy on Council tax for empty properties.

From 1 April 2013:  

  • Unoccupied and unfurnished properties, regardless of their condition, will receive 100% discount for a maximum period of three months, starting from the date the property becomes empty, after which Council Tax will be charged in full (there is no alternative reduction for properties undergoing or requiring structural alteration or major repair)  
  • Properties that have been unoccupied and unfurnished for two years or more will incur a 50% premium to be levied in addition to the 100% charge

The three month discount applies to the property (not to the owner). No new discount period starts unless the property is occupied for at least six weeks. If you are struggling to sell your property or are thinking of renting it out, please see our Empty Homes section for help and advice.


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