UK Government to Invest in Cambridge Scientific Research

UK Government to Invest in Cambridge Scientific Research

Chancellor George Osborne has announced that Cambridge University is set to receive a financial injection to help fund new approaches to physical sciences, and to support collaborative research into wide-ranging solutions to future global challenges.

The 'Maxwell Centre', to be located at the Cavendish Laboratory on West Road in Cambridge, will open in 2015. The centre will serve as a place where 'blue skies' university research, in conjunction with small- and medium-sized business, is commercialised into products for the industrial sector. Research areas of focus will include, among others, solutions to the growing need for natural resources.

Nick Diggle, director of Martin & Co Cambridge letting agents, said: The city of Cambridge, with its world-leading university and local scientific and high technology business cluster, is well known as a centre for global innovation, and this move by the government further highlights this."

"For Cambridge landlords, investors and property owners, this step by the government just reinforces the underlying significance and strength of the local Cambridge economy for the future - and its role in the wider UK economic recovery."

In January of this year, Martin & Co Cambridge letting agents announced details of a report  from think tank Centre for Cities, which highlighted why Cambridge's local economy is helping to lead the UK recovery. The report referred to a number of unique economic and social factors that point to positive long-term prospects for both existing landlords and buy to let investors in the city.


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