Why appointing a good property management agency saves you time and money

Why appointing a good property management agency saves you time and money
Many landlords think that self-management saves on fees and increases income, but the reality is very different. It is difficult, in today's regulated market, to keep abreast of the 100+ laws that affect any tenancy agreement. Most landlords like to have some peace in the evenings, not get embroiled in discussions on maintenance or answer queries such as 'Why the TV picture is not good' They can end up in heated discussions with tenants and fail to carry out routine management visits. Sometimes they endeavour to prepare the check in and check out reports which are not recognised by the courts as they are certainly not arm-length independent reports. 

Crucially, the setup of the property is extremely important and your agent should be assisting you in detailing the works that need to be carried out, at a level that will attract a good tenant without busting the bank and securing the highest possible rental yields. 

We work with a key number of contractors with whom we have conducted our checks on: in respect of their performances, risk assessments and of course their liability insurance just in case anything does go wrong. We negotiate favourable prices with them to ensure you get the best options available. We believe we know how to get the perfect balance between cost and yield return.

What makes us special is our ability to reach out into the marketplace to find potential tenants. With such a wide range of property portals many of whom are only available to property agencies it is difficult for landlords to choose. It is extremely important for us to target as wide an audience as possible, to secure a good tenant in the shortest possible time. Void periods are costly and we want to reduce this time to a minimum! 

Choice of tenants is extremely important, the first tenant who offers the required rent may not be suitable. We conduct a thorough review through our referencing company and only if the tenant is successful on all counts will they be considered. We pay an insurance premium to give our landlords legal protection in the unlikely event that legal action is required to evicting the tenant.

Handling deposits with a designated governmental tenancy protection scheme can be a minefield if not handled correctly. We ensure that all the required prescribed information is provided to the tenants within the time limits and then update them throughout the tenancy. We act on behalf of the landlord in the event of a disagreement at the end of the tenancy, with the adjudicator appointed supplying valuable advice and supporting evidence to assist our landlords in their claim.

Regular management visits and reports keep all parties aware of the condition of the property and help us keep our landlords aware of how the tenant is treating their property and advising on any small preventative maintenance that may be required to reduce the risk of more serious and costly dilapidation at some later date. We also like our landlords to look at our rental guarantee option which for a small charge gives full rental protection in the event of defaults from the tenant's rental payments.

Our job is to act as a bridge between the tenant and the landlord and give our landlords peace of mind.