Nine Elms - What's all the fuss?

Nine Elms  - What's all the fuss?

What is the Nine Elms Development?

The Nine Elms Development is one of the final major sites on London's South Bank.

Its end goal is 18,000 properties, 25,000 new jobs, a cultural and artistic hotspot, and the 'final piece of the central London jigsaw'.

The Area:

The Nine Elms area is located south of the Thames, and is the final part of South Bank to undergo a major transformation. Founded on a large number of brownfield sites, it is now being regenerated into a residential business space.

Why invest in the Nine Elms Development?

The transformation of the Nine Elms district is going to be the largest regeneration in London by some distance. Relevant factors to take into account are:


Vauxhall is located in the centre of Nine Elms and is an increasingly vibrant part of London. Vauxhall's redevelopment will turn it into a more environmentally friendly and aesthetic area, with high-quality public spaces for the people of London to visit and enjoy.

If this plan is seen through to fruition, Vauxhall's reputation will grow, and it is likely to become one of the most-visited and highly sought-after places in London.

A New Town Centre:

An exciting project to redevelop the Battersea Power Station is on its way, in response to the new demands of a large town centre. Plans include a park which will span from the East to the West of the District. The town centre is estimated to cost more than £1 Billion, which will be spent on a modernised infrastructure and two new Tube Stations.

Open Spaces:

Leading on from the large park space, the vision is to make Nine Elms a network of outdoor recreation spaces, connecting other parks, public squares, sports facilities and outdoor shopping areas. The planning of the district is based on successful worldwide urban developments, which are centred on pedestrian environment. The idea is to make the area as inviting for the public as possible, naturally making Nine Elms a great place to visit, and to call home.

Northern Line:

The Northern Line is the most-used underground line in London. Nine Elms will be included in the Northern Line Extension. There will be two new stations, one on Wandsworth Road, and another at Battersea Power Station. The Northern Line's inclusion in the district is expected to bring up house prices in the surrounding area, because they are desirable to commuters.


We have a range of apartments available to buy within the regeneration programme, starting from as little as £550,000.

For further information on the Nine Elms development and on any investment opportunities please contact: Naveed Salim  - Martin & Co Director on 020 86754428 or email me at