The Top End rental market is booming in Aberdeen. Why?

The Top End rental market is booming in Aberdeen. Why?

Oil industry and business in general in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is going through a financial boom that we all have to be very pleased with.  The local oil and gas industry enjoyed a very successful 2013, and 2014 outlook seems equally bright.

For anybody involved in the Oil and Gas industry, it is not a secret that exploration and appraisal activity increased considerably in the Central and Northern North Sea as well as West of Shetland, whilst production has marginally increased.

Furthermore the more stable fiscal regime (particularly the inclusion of the field allowance regime) have attracted new investment.  Finally, the increase of the decommissioning activity in some areas have created the 'perfect storm' to make the North Sea the Oil and Gas activity epicentre for 2014.

It doesn't come as a surprise then, than the number of enterprises in Aberdeen City and Shire increased by 625 to reach 23,270 (a 2.8% increase) despite the rest of the UK stagnation.   This additional activity has brought professional families, executives and skilled workers with well above average buying power.

So, the economy is doing great.   What about housing?

In 2013 only around 500 properties were completed.   However the Aberdeen City Council paper on Housing Projection published in 2012 stated that Aberdeen City alone needed an additional 1,598 new houses every year until 2035.  There is a clear deficit for property in Aberdeen.

All of the above can be summarised in-

There is a very high demand for quality properties to meet the demand of professional and top end tenants in Aberdeen.

Martin & Co (Aberdeen) possess the professional qualifications and the industry insight to find and service the right tenant with the right property.

If you are a discerning and professional landlord with a good quality property in Aberdeen West End, Cults, Bieldside, Milltimber, Kingwswells or Westhill you deserve the best professional service.

Our service includes

  • Triple certification: Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA), Landlord Accreditation Scotland (LAS) and National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS)
  • Staff members trained to a very high standard
  • A unique Customer Service Centre with a well proven record of fast response to all your enquiries.
  • 3D walkthroughs and floor plans for all high quality properties.
  • Rent collected by genuine Direct Debit system (not the old fashioned Standing Order system)

We will make sure that you benefit from the executive housing boom that we are experiencing, and that we are geared for, in Aberdeen.

We look forward to serving you.