Inventories Explained

Inventories Explained


Although inventories are arranged by Martin & Co, your inventory is between you and your landlord. It is carried out by a third party independent company and therefore is completely separate and out with any management responsibility from Martin & Co.


An Inventory aims to provide a fair and accurate record of the contents and condition of the property as well as the property’s internal condition. It is the responsibility of the landlord and the tenant to agree between themselves the accuracy of this report. The person preparing the inventory is not an expert in fabrics, woods, materials, antiques, etc. nor is the inventory clerk a qualified surveyor.


An inventory will take place the day before you are due to move into the property. This ensures that it gives an accurate description of the state of your property at the date of entry. It will also take place after professional cleaning has been done. Once the inventory is completed, it will be sent to the e-mail address that you provide us with, within 5 working days. After receiving the inventory, you will have 9 days (including weekends) to make amendments to the inventory if you feel that any details are inadequate or incorrect.


Please ensure that you take this process seriously as the ingoing inventory will be compared to the outgoing inventory that takes place at the end of your tenancy for purposes relating to your deposit refund.


For any assistance or further inventory information you will find contact details on the front page of your inventory.