4 reasons you should choose a serviced apartment over a hotel in Aberdeen

4 reasons you should choose a serviced apartment over a hotel in Aberdeen

Why do we offer Serviced Apartments in Aberdeen at www.silvercityservicedapartments.com ?


Often for extended stays, both for business and pleasure, hotel rooms can feel impersonal and suffocating. With the option of more rooms and living space, serviced apartments offer a home away from home- a comfortable, serviced environment that caters to your needs without compromising your privacy.

This distinguished alternative to the hotel room can especially suit the needs of business travellers, families and professionals who are relocating.

1. More comfortable

It is always worth checking in advance what kind of amenities are included in your apartment, but generally satellite TV, Wi-Fi, a washer-dryer, and a fully equipped kitchen are included. These conveniences can make your stay more comfortable and productive.  

2. More spacious

The space available in even luxury hotel rooms doesn't compare to the space available to you in a serviced apartments. This means your evenings in are not confined to sitting on your bed watching TV, and you can relax just as you would at home.

3. More flexibility

Having your own kitchen means that you have the option of cooking your own meals rather than dining out. This can make your stay healthier and cheaper!

4. Feel like a local

Get to know the city and the community. Avoid the impersonal environment of a hotel and enjoy what the local community has to offer. This is especially true for those relocating or considering moving to Aberdeen.

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