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Martin & Co - New Landlord Hub

10th May 2013
Martin & Co - New Landlord Hub

Martin & Co providing peace of mind to tenants and landlords

Renting a property can be a worrying and costly business for tenants and landlords alike. Deposits can be costly, especially when tenants are waiting on a previous deposit to be returned and now, more than ever, landlords want the greatest protection they can when renting out their property – they need to know their rent will be paid.  


Luckily, Martin & Co Hertford can help. Martin & Co’s Landlord Hub, the companies very own tenant referencing facility has been launched to provide Martin & Co offices nationwide with market leading Tenant Referencing and Deposit Replacement  Warranty products that offer peace of mind for tenants and landlords.


The Hub’s referencing product offers free eviction cover for landlords, should tenants default on rental payments to ensure that landlords gain possession of their property again as soon as possible.  Not only are fully comprehensive checks on income and credit run at the outset, but the tenant’s credit record is now monitored throughout the tenancy term and the landlord alerted of any changes – something that up until now hasn’t been possible with other providers.  This is unique in the market and a very reassuring feature of our product


The referencing service is offered free to Martin & Co landlords as it is included in the management packages.  At Martin & Co Hertford we are so confident in the checks that we complete, that we will obtain possession of a property if the tenant fails to pay the rent.


Meanwhile, tenants can benefit from the Deposit Replacement Warranty product that offers individuals who may not have had the funds to pay a lump sum deposit, the option to buy a Deposit Replacement Warranty instead.  This can be very appealing to tenants that are currently renting one property and wish to move to another. Currently they do not get their deposit back until after their existing tenancy ends and they need to pay the deposit for their new property in advance of them moving in – often creating a cash flow problem which sometimes results in tenants not being able to move home.  The product also appeals to tenants who would rather use their money that would normally be tied up in their deposit on furnishing their new home and this product allows them to do just that.


Similarly, the Deposit Replacement Warranty benefits landlords by providing a deposit cover protection, up to 8 weeks, should tenants default on rental payments.  It also provides cover if a tenant vacates the property without paying the last month’s rent, as well as damage costs.  What’s better is that there is no financial cost to the landlord as the tenant pays the premium and in the event of a claim, there is no excess to pay.  As soon as a claim is accepted settlements are made within 7 days.


The Landlord Hub’s mission is “To give people more than they expect and to do it cheerfully” making the process of renting a new home, which can be an emotional time, as hassle free and as enjoyable as possible – for the tenant and the landlord.  Although a relatively new business they are receiving rave reviews about the service and products that they created.


To find out how you can benefit from Martin & Co’s Referencing and Deposit Replacement Warranty products, and get total peace of mind, please call 01992 374042 or come in and see us today.

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