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How To Get Your Property Ready To Sell

18th Feb 2015
Selling your home can be an exciting and overwhelming process. Whether you’re selling to upgrade, downgrade or simply fancy a...The post ... Read More

Fast broadband tops home buyers’ wish list

29th Jan 2015
When it comes to adding value to your property, broadband speed matters. The digital age has already changed the way...The post ... Read More

Political parties outline their General Election housing plans

29th Jan 2015
With the General Election set to grip the news headlines for the next few months, what do the two main...The post ... Read More

Property Investment as a Business

29th Jan 2015
As another tax year closes, it is often the main time for people who run a property portfolio to see...The post ... Read More

Ways to Avoid Landlord Tax (Part 3): ‘10% Wear and Tear Allowance’

29th Jan 2015
Tax Insider examines ways in which you can reduce your landlord tax bill. In this issue, he examines the ‘10%...The post ... Read More

Landlords’ Immigration Check Pilot Scheme is launched

29th Jan 2015
Landlords in the West Midlands are being targeted for new tenant immigration checks in a new government pilot scheme to...The post ... Read More

Top 10 festive homes!

19th Dec 2014
With Christmas just around the corner we thought we’d have a look for some homes on the Martin & Co...The post ... Read More

What to Know Before You Buy Your Next Investment Property

18th Dec 2014
Investing in property can be very exciting.  It can also be extremely complicated or stunningly simple depending on whom you...The post ... Read More

How to make your investment cash go further in 2015!

18th Dec 2014
The New Year is here and so is the time to boost your investment portfolio! However if you’re feeling a...The post ... Read More

Exciting Martin & Co Re-Sale Business Opportunities!

17th Dec 2014
Have you considered becoming an Estate & Lettings Agent? Utilise your property knowledge and expertise to launch your own business...The... Read More
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